The “Smart Choice” for laboratory equipment

I Am BEING a Cost Saving Purchasing Manager.

Laboratory purchasing managers are under constant pressure to cut costs while at the same time procure high-quality, low-risk equipment and maintenance services for the labs they work with. Because of this, the procurement process has become somewhat of an art.

BEING Scientific provides facilities with cost-effective lab equipment such as incubators, ovens, shakers, stirrers, and rotary evaporators that offer long-term value and make it easier for scientists to focus on what’s important – your actual research.

BIS Series of Shaking Incubators

Shaking incubators are often used for cell culturing, cell aeration, and solubility studies. Eliminating the need of placing a separate shaker inside an incubator, the instruments incorporate oxygen and evenly distribute nutrients throughout the culture media. In addition to offering stable temperature conditions, the shaking incubators use an orbital agitation at variable speeds to affect the growth of cell cultures.

BIO Series of CO2 Incubators

Carbon dioxide (CO2) incubators are mainstays in traditional biology labs engaging in cell or tissue culture. Incubators provide a stable environment designed to mimic a cell’s natural environment: pH of 7.2 to 7.5, temperature of 37°C, and a relative humidity of about 95 percent. The CO2 concentration, about 5 percent, is controlled to match physiologic conditions and to maintain a constant pH. These incubators are used wherever cells must be maintained, expanded, or cultured over periods ranging from a few hours to many weeks.

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